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Andreas Vichr is community consultant and coach in social future media. And he likes to cook.

For many years Andreas Vichr has been at the forefront of innovation in the German multimedia and Internet culture.

After completing his law studies at the LMU Munich he researched in the field of human interface design and artificial intelligence. In 1988 he co-founded Medialab GmbH. Medialab was an innovative and leading new-media agency and has won many awards. As CEO he oversaw key accounts such as Apple, Microsoft, BMW, Audi, Sony, BMG and Philip Morris. Since 2000 he lives and works in Spain and Germany.

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Posts tagged “iphone”

I am starting a daily (sub)blog do document my switch from iOS to Android and Kindle. It’s called:
My first days with Kindle and the Samsung Galaxy Note as former exclusive Apple iOS fan boy.

L5 Remote 2. Examples for two L5 remotes with a menu system on top. One in dark skin - the other one in silver skin. (by vichrarchiv)

#iCloud: Apple will scan customers’ iTunes libraries and quickly mirror the contents on Apple’s own servers and will “replace” any low bitrate tracks with the “high-quality” versions.  No massive upload required! (via Apple’s iCloud music service will automatically mirror your iTunes library using ‘high-quality’ tracks? — Engadget)

Grandios! Nasen-Stylus für’s #Klo. via!5797353/ridiculous-finger nose-smartphone-stylus-is-a-must have

#iDevice #GROSS ist das neue klein! (via How to Increase the Default Text Size on Your iDevice)

GRANDIOS: Tired of apps always getting in the way of your ads? (via Apple releases iAd Gallery app: all ads, all the time — Engadget)

WOW: $41 Mio Venture Capital für Photosharing im elastischen Ad-hoc-Netzwerk mit local Friend-Discovery. (via Color Looks To Reinvent Social Interaction With Its Mobile Photo App (And $41 Million In Funding))

Atomic weather predictions in Japan for mobile devices. via J_Kachelmann - meteomedia

iAds produzieren leicht und schön gemacht. HTML5 und CSS3 Automatisierung + JavaScript Coding und Debugging. Für die “Werbeagenturen” der Zukunft.

iAd Producer - Apple Developer

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