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I am starting a daily (sub)blog do document my switch from iOS to Android and Kindle. It’s called:
My first days with Kindle and the Samsung Galaxy Note as former exclusive Apple iOS fan boy.

L5 Remote 2. Examples for two L5 remotes with a menu system on top. One in dark skin - the other one in silver skin. (by vichrarchiv)

#iCloud: Apple will scan customers’ iTunes libraries and quickly mirror the contents on Apple’s own servers and will “replace” any low bitrate tracks with the “high-quality” versions.  No massive upload required! (via Apple’s iCloud music service will automatically mirror your iTunes library using ‘high-quality’ tracks? — Engadget)

Grandios! Nasen-Stylus für’s #Klo. via!5797353/ridiculous-finger nose-smartphone-stylus-is-a-must have

#iDevice #GROSS ist das neue klein! (via How to Increase the Default Text Size on Your iDevice)

GRANDIOS: Tired of apps always getting in the way of your ads? (via Apple releases iAd Gallery app: all ads, all the time — Engadget)

WOW: $41 Mio Venture Capital für Photosharing im elastischen Ad-hoc-Netzwerk mit local Friend-Discovery. (via Color Looks To Reinvent Social Interaction With Its Mobile Photo App (And $41 Million In Funding))

Atomic weather predictions in Japan for mobile devices. via J_Kachelmann - meteomedia

iAds produzieren leicht und schön gemacht. HTML5 und CSS3 Automatisierung + JavaScript Coding und Debugging. Für die “Werbeagenturen” der Zukunft.

iAd Producer - Apple Developer

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